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3 Days Satsang with sadhguru

By Sharmila S
I registered with 3 days Tamil Satsang 'The lap of the Master'. Whenever I am planning to go to Velliengiri, happiness that stuck in the mind and sing.

Earlier i didn't know the importance of the program. I just thought this is one of the satsang. But the teacher said it is the kind of program that will happen 1000 years one. Oh! i couldn't believe. I had the great opportunity in my life.

I never felt such type of happiness. Nothing is initiated me to being happy. It happened just like that. Without getting anything i could be happy. Without involve with anything i could be happy. Nobody with me still i am happy. I am asking this question with me. How? No answer. And i don't want the answer too.

I started my travel on Apr 16 at 11 O' clock from chennai to Pondicherry. There Isha center arranged bus to Coimbatore. As my mother, brother, aunty everybody moving to coimbatore i joined with them.

Once the bus started we prayed. I just brought jaggi into my mind. My mother written some beautiful poem against sadhguru and composed herself. It comes as a beautiful song. As my whole family is good singer we used to sing the song. She started to sang the song. And end of the song she couldn't sang. Tears that made her to stop. Everybody kept quit and we gone deeper into the silence.

Then my aunty ask me to sing a song. That is written by Marabin Mainthen Ma. Muthaiya.

When i went to BSP i got Gnaniyin sanithiyil Book. Once i returned just read the poem. And i don't know how it made me to sing. Within a minute it came as a beautiful song. Believe me i am not a musician. Here is the Lyrics for you.

Unai Kana vanthen kaelvikalodu
Sadhguru nadha nee bhathil kooru
Ponai thedi poruli thedi
Poorgal nadathugiren
ennai theda vazhi theriyamal
Kalam kadathukiren

Thannai Kadanthu Anbai
Unarthennai Adaivenna?
Iraiva innimel ithayam thelivena
Payanam kilambi pogum neram
Pathai Neelkirathey
Salanam sabalam thuyaram Palavum
Vazhiyil varukirathey

Summakkum Summaigal
Irraiki vaippena
Sugathai unarvena siva ne!
Enathu suyathai unarvena

How beautiful lyrics. Whatever we want to tell everything that this lyrics do.

And then my brother sang a song 'Pitchai Pathiram'. O!!! it is another heart melting song. As the bus was too hot we couldn't sleep. Then once we reached coimbatore that chillness made us to sleep.

We came to registration place. Earlier i thought how asharam going to manage 12000 people. No doubt, They can do even it is Triple. The registration place told everything how they have arranged the thing properly.

Only place in the world that teaches Humanity, Spirituality, Yoga, Punctuality, Planning, Silence, Love, Life .....everything. This is the place where you can learn what is joy without anything.

Then we took nice bath, morning meditation, nice Sambar rice. Went to Dyanalinga the divine place.

They have announced satsang will be started at 5.30PM. Temperature was too high. As people wanted to see Sadhguru very close they stand in the queue before 3PM. God! We stayed just opposite to the Home school Playground where the satsang happening. Queue crossed the spanda Hall. So i don't to stand in the queue. I know we feel the vibration wherever we are sitting. Even we no need to see him.

He came!!!!!

you know all, how the feeling. Sadhguru said he knows only 33 tamil words. Even if we know lakhs word that couldn't help us to describe the feeling towards the Guru.

Isha Troop played nice song. We clapped, smiled but the eyes do the tearing work.

And he started the powerful meditation. I felt that i was in 'Silence' Class. Such a powerful meditation.

I just went deeper into the meditation. My sister-in-law asked me 'you have family in chennai, do you remember'. I said ' Now i am with Sadhguru. i don't remember anything' and i said 'The Earth revolve without me, like that my family too'

You can experience the thing when you be there 100% is it.

Next day morning 5.30Am we started Shambhavi and 6AM sadhguru came. What a man he is. How he Knows these much jokes. Too much sense of Humor.

Evening crowd started to stand in the queue before 2PM.

My friend said everybody want to see him near. Why sadhguru allow them to see by passing him in a queue.

I said that wouldn't be nice. That is usual procedure of other people. I don't like that too.

Then Sadhguru came. Started mediation. All the sudden he came down from the stage. And started to walk around the people by stretch out his hand and distributing the vibration. My friend got her answer. Not her answer more than that.

But the sad thing is while he walking around somebody tried to touch his foot. He slipped and fall. God!! i couldn't bear. He ready give his soul to us. But we are doing? Atleast good receiving. My heart was heavy and i cried for an hour. Still the feeling stuck into my mind.

In Ashram every poster is telling the expenditure around 64,000,00. But donation in 2 days is only 10,000,00. Third day morning Sadhguru didn't come. One Samiji Talked. Not talked he cried. He said we have only our hand to give sadhguru we don't have even a single money.

One lady stood and asked her husband permission and gave her Tali chain Immediately. Everybody started to surrender their gold. Included my mom and aunty.

So i just understood their feelings towards Sadhguru. Great people. Great Heart.

Final day Sadhguru came meditation, joke etc. Cultural for an hour. We all dance together. Even a 60 years Grandma also danced.

I enjoyed each and every moment. I never forget these 3 days. Whole joy and only joy nothing else.

Be happy. Live Happy

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